About me

Doctor of technical sciences, engineer, graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and the Collegium of Management and Finance of the Warsaw School of Economics. An expert in the field of safety and reliability analyzes of complex technological systems. Completed his professional internship at General Electric in the United States. Worked, among others MANHAZ Hazard Analysis Centre, PGE EJ 1, and ELBIS Sp. z o.o. Lecturer in industrial risk analyzes at the University of Lodz and trainer at the POLRISK Risk Management Academy. Co-author of several scientific publications and several specialized technical reports. Contractor and manager of international research projects. Carried out and supervised analyzes for, among others, nuclear, electrical, and ventilation installations. Completed the training of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Electric Power Research Institute in the field of fire risk analysis. Participant and presenter of a number of workshops of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. For several years, he has been systematically participating in the meetings of the OECD Nuclear Safety Committee in Paris. Member of the Polish Nuclear Society and the Polish Society for Safety and Reliability.